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Comprehensive Eye Examination

Our eye doctors recommend annual eye exams to maintain clear healthy vision and advise against waiting  until there is a problem to come in for an exam—this is especially vital for children since a lot of comprehension problems can be related to poor eyesight.

The inside and outside of your eyes will be evaluated for any potential disorders with the latest diagnostic equipment and the most advance treatment will be prescribed as needed ,whether it’s light weight lenses for your glasses or medication for your eyes.

Contact Lens Fitting

Advancement in contact lens technology has made it possible for almost everyone to enjoy wearing contact lenses whether you have astigmatism, need bifocals, want to change your eye color or control your nearsightedness from increasing.  The doctors will discuss the best options for you during your exam.

Eye Infection, Dry Eyes, Eye Allergy 

There are many new medications for the treatment of these eye conditions like the prescription eye drop Restasis for dry eyes.  The doctors will prescribed the most effective medicine for your eyes following your evaluation.

Eye Diseases: Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetes

Glaucoma—the slow damage of the nerve in the back of the eye due to high eye pressure resulting in loss of the side vision                                              

Cataracts—the clouding of the natural lens inside your eyes with aging causing decreased vision.

Diabetes---this health condition can cause bleeding in the back of the eyes leading to decrease vision.

These are the “Silent” eye disorders that don’t exhibit any symptoms in the early stages, so you can have 20/20 vision and have these disorders—that is why a dilated eye exam using eye drops is performed for early detection at our office when indicated.

Laser Vision Correction  Co-management

Both doctors have had laser vision correction.  They can evaluate your eyes to determine if you are  a good candidate for this surgical procedure.  Ask us about scheduling a complimentary laser consultation and viewing a live  laser surgery.


No glasses, No contacts, during the day, Just clear vision.  Ortho K is a treatment program where specialty hard contact lenses reshape your eyes while you sleep to give you clear vision when you wake up.  This is an excellent alternative for adults and children who want to decrease their nearsightedness without surgery.

Frames/Spectacle lenses

We have a variety of frame style to meet every budget and many specialty lenses to provide you with comfortable clear vision( light weight lenses, no line bifocals,polarize/transition sun lenses, anti-glare/anti-scratch lenses,safety lenses and many more).

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